Michele Fiscella in “The Secrets of Vision”

MaxWell Biosystems was excited to see Dr. Michele Fiscella, VP Scientific Affairs, featured in “The Secrets of Vision”. Michele discussed the state of vision disease research. The video is part of a film series produced by Systems X, the Swiss Initiative in Systems Biology.

“The Secrets of Vision” tracks the increasing importance of research on vision-related diseases — with the end goal of developing effective drugs and treatment. In the feature, Michele explains how high-density microelectrode array systems, such as MaxOne, can accelerate this type of retinal cell research. He comments, “High resolution technology allows us to access mouse retinal physiology. This was difficult before — and now we can do it with high precision. This is significant because mouse retina can be genetically modified — a very convenient model for studying human vision diseases.”

MaxWell Biosystems is proud to help increase public awareness about research and hopes to continue to foster collaborations with Systems X and other research institutes.