Zurich, Switzerland – September 30, 2020 MaxWell Biosystems AG is pleased to announce the appointment of
Dr. Marcel Suter as the new Vice President of Operations, effective September 1, 2020. In this new position, Dr. Suter will oversee the company’s operational units, including, supply chain, production, logistics, procurement, and quality control. He will report directly to Dr. Urs Frey, CEO.

Dr. Marcel Suter, VP Operations at MaxWell Biosystems

With more than eight years of experience as project manager and as VP Operations at Optotune, an optics company, Dr. Suter is an exceptional leader in product development and manufacturing processes. As a member of Optotune Consumer Switzerland AG’s management team, he led their cost-efficient manufacturing of liquid lens products. He also had direct responsibility of building-up a supplier base for lens products aimed at the mobile phone market. Dr. Suter brings his expertise in establishing and improving processes for production ramp-up, and in ensuring high quality and on-time customer delivery.

“With his extensive knowledge in the field of sensors, MEMS and mechanical engineering, as well as his experience working as VP Operations, Marcel has the perfect profile to advance MaxWell Biosystems on its growth to become the market leader in high-content electrophysiology,” says Dr. Urs Frey, CEO and co-founder of MaxWell Biosystems. “Together with Marcel, MaxWell Biosystems is taking the important step to establish and strengthen a dedicated production team, to further strengthen our supply chain, procurement and logistics.”

“It is my greatest pleasure to be part of the biological cell exploration revolution together with MaxWell Biosystems,” responds Dr. Suter. “In my position, I will push the frontiers in the integration of the high-resolution microelectrode array technology and will scale it to large-volume production. With my experience from the optical industry, I aim to establish an agile manufacturing and supply-chain without compromising quality. But foremost, I am looking forward to many successful product releases with the interdisciplinary team at MaxWell Biosystems.”

Since founding the company in 2016, the user-base of MaxWell Biosystems continues to grow rapidly worldwide. With Dr. Suter joining the management team, MaxWell Biosystems commits to further expand its position as a leading provider of advanced instrumentation and solutions in the fields of neuroscience and drug discovery.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Marcel Suter at MaxWell Biosystems and we are looking forward to an exciting journey together with him.


Dr. Urs Frey
Chief Executing Officer
Phone +41 44 244 24 12


About MaxWell Biosystems

MaxWell Biosystems AG provides high-content electrophysiology platforms that advance scientific discovery and accelerate drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases. The company was founded in September 2016 as an ETH Zurich spin-off with its first product, MaxOne, a high-density microelectrode (HD-MEA) system used by academic and research laboratories to investigate the activity of cells in vitro at network, cellular, and subcellular levels. The launch of MaxTwo, a multi-well HD-MEA platform, increases the throughput of performing cell-based assays to 6- and 24-well plates catering to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as contract research organizations. MaxWell Biosystems is a leading expert, both on the technology to develop hardware and software, as well as on the scientific applications of HD-MEAs.

Every cell has a story to tell. MaxWell Biosystems equips and supports scientists with tools to easily observe, track, and discovery cells’ functionality, health, maturity, and response to compounds.