Neuroservice and MaxWell Biosystems announce strategic partnership to develop HD-MEA assays for human iPSC-derived neurons and other cell cultures

Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE and Zurich, SWITZERLAND – October 28, 2020.

Today, Neuroservice and MaxWell Biosystems are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aiming to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a new state-of-the-art CNS in vitro cell electrophysiological solution based on high-density microelectrode array recording of human iPSC-derived neurons and other neuron cultures.

The partnership will combine the MaxTwo high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) technology provided by MaxWell Biosystems and the expertise of Neuroservice, world-renowned expert in CNS in vitro cell & slice electrophysiology.

MaxWell Biosystems is a technology leader providing high-content electrophysiology platforms that advance scientific discovery and accelerate drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuroservice is a private Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing pharmacological assays based on electrophysiological recordings of acute brain slices, spinal cord slices, cultured neurons, human brain slices and human iPSC-derived neurons.

By combining their excellence in electrophysiological technology and experimental expertise, MaxWell Biosystems and Neuroservice will offer to pharmaceutical companies a unique solution for mid-throughput functional pharmacology on iPSC-derived neurons and other neuron cultures.

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Neuroservice. With electrophysiology as their core competency, especially assays based on MEA recordings, we recognize Neuroservice as an important player in the field. We are excited to contribute with our MEA technology and expertise in data analysis for iPSC-derived neurons and other neuronal cultures. We are looking forward to help enable pharmaceutical companies get in-depth insights on the effect of their compounds across multiple scales, ranging from the network level down to individual neurons.”
Urs Frey, Co-founder and CEO, MaxWell Biosystems

“We are very excited by this partnership with MaxWell Biosystems. Thanks to their incredible HD-MEA technology we are going to offer our clients new innovative functional endpoints on human iPSC- derived neurons for even more robust decision making in CNS and PAIN drug discovery program.”
Olivier Toury, Co-founder and CBO, Neuroservice

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