Since 2016, MaxWell Biosystems was located in the same premises as the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel. With the growing team and the need for our own headquarters, we searched and found our new home in Zurich. With the dynamic startup ecosystem, world-class universities, and of course the beautiful lake and mountains, Zurich is a great place for MxW. It is here where we will continue to grow the team, develop new products, and connect to our customers and partners around the world.

Watch and Explore: New MaxWell Biosystems Headquarters

One Step BeYOND

Our new headquarters is in a modern building called, YOND. It was wonderful to witness its transformation from just the bare structure until it’s ready for moving in. Situated at Albisriederstrasse 253, 8047 Zurich, right in front of the Tram Stop Siemens (No. 3), it is a short ride from the city center. With complete amenities, access to food shops, bakeries, and restaurants, as well as a very lively and green neighborhood, it was a very suitable location for MxW. Overall, we felt at home from our first day.

The office space features a very open and spacious work environment, fostering a lively and collaborative atmosphere among the team. It is also very flexible with the “mezzanine concept”, allowing expansion of the working spaces as the team grows. Currently, we have three meeting rooms, two balconies, and a large multifunction room with a lounge area. This allows us to organize and host events or mini conferences within our premises.

To support our day-to-day activities at MxW, we have also built our own bio and tech laboratories. We equipped our bio lab with instruments for cell culturing and other applications. We run culture experiments continuously for system and software demonstrations, testing, and assay development. Our tech lab, on the other hand, has a workshop, electronic devices, test equipment, and other tools for product R&D. Both labs foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Growing Team

From four to 29, the MxW team has grown rapidly over the last four years. We are scaling our efforts on tech and scientific R&D, production, quality control, data analysis, sales, and marketing as we expand our user-base globally. Building the infrastructure that supports our users in academia, biotech, and pharma is an important milestone for us. And we are continuing our growth to boost our position as a technology leader providing high-content electrophysiology platforms for scientific advancements, and drug discovery and development.