Travel Blog | Summer 2022

We caught up with some of our MaxWellers that have been busy representing MaxWell Biosystems around the world at lots of conferences such as ISSCR, FENS, CAN and lots more in between. After some rest we wanted to know all about their life while traveling and any hints and tips they might have to share.


Here is what they had to say!


Praveena Manogaran

Our Senior Scientist highlighted why conferences are so important for the scientific community:

“My favourite thing about going to conferences is learning about new cutting-edge technology and using this knowledge to inspire my own research. Making connections with other scientists are also important for developing strong collaborations, as good science requires interdisciplinary and multi-institutional efforts. Finally, conferences are an important way for scientists to present their research to the scientific community and receive invaluable feedback.”

Another important part of conferences is visiting new cities and enjoying the culture and Praveena tells us how she likes to get around the cities:

"I like to take public transportation or just walk around the city to get a better feeling for the area. I also try to find the best local outdoor activities to do and visit art galleries or museums that show-case the specific city’s unique culture."

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Martina De Gennaro

Our Field Application Scientist, told us about her one essential item to bring to a conference:

“Comfortable shoes! Conference venues can be quite big and there is so much to see! Better being ready to jump from one talk to another, from a poster session to another and let's not forget about the exhibitions, so full with new exciting products for research and goodies. Comfortable shoes are key!”

For Martina, it is also important to sample traditional food when travelling:

“I like to try all the typical food and walk around, if possible, to have a real taste of the city's life and traditions getting out to sample the food is the best way.”

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Zhuoliang (Ed) Li

Our Field Application Scientist, Ed pointed out how his hobbies and career have aligned making conferences the perfect time to try new things:

“With my passion for travel in my off-time and for work, "new" is harder and harder to come by. Local dishes I try for sure, but also local drinks. Always love to try the local beer and liquor. I usually bring some home actually.”

Ed also told me a random fact about his last trip to the USA:

“Last month I practically brought back a luggage full of unhealthy American snacks that I grew up with, from beef jerky to slim jims to cheetos to cheez-its to air heads etc. Eating them really brought me back to my childhood!”

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Tina Žel

Tina, our Marketing Operations Representative, gave us some insight into what a typical day at a conference is like:

“If I had to describe a typical day at a conference in three words, I would say: Exciting, busy and educational! Alongside this the days are filled with meeting new people, learning about new technologies and discovering the latest advances in science.”

When Tina gets some time away from the booth and exhibition she loves try all the local treats on offer:

“When I get some spare time I love to do as much sightseeing as possible as well as trying ALL the local sweets and pastries. That's the best part about travelling!”

Diana Freire

Our Scientific Marketing Specialist Diana explained why she loves representing MaxWell Biosystems at conferences across the globe:

“At MaxWell Biosystems we focus our attention on people and relationships, and this is further emphasised when we attend conferences. I get to meet people from around the world, share our vision, technology, and products with a genuine smile on my face. Because of this I always enjoy representing MaxWell Biosystems and it never feels like work!”

Diana also tells us that talking to locals is key to unlocking the best experiences when travelling:

"My favourite thing about traveling to a city for the first time getting to talk to local people and asking for their advices on where to go, what to do and what to eat! Eating local food is part of the experience when traveling! Memories are much stronger in our mind when associated with nice flavors and smells!"

Silvia Oldani

Silvia, who recently joined us as a Field Application Scientist, shared the first place she likes to check out when she visits a new country:

For me, when I visit a new country I love to first go to a local supermarket! It is so interesting to browse all the unique products available. I find you can really get to know a country by sampling the different foods that they have. And of course its nice to bring back some snacks for the teams in the office!

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