MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads | World Alzheimer’s Day

On this World Alzheimer’s Day, we are raising awareness on the ongoing research that seeks to unravel the mysteries behind Alzheimer’s disease. Join us in celebrating the incredible advances in this research field and outstanding scientific tools supporting discoveries on risk factors and underlying mechanisms, as well as potential treatments for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a decline in cognitive function and memory. Symptoms can include memory loss, confusion, language impairment, and changes in behavior…

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Interview with Brett Kagan – Cortical Labs

MxW Interview with Brett Kagan Cortical Labs, Melbourne, Australia Recently, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Brett Kagan from Cortical Labs visiting us here in the MaxWell Biosystems HQ in Zurich and hosting an exciting seminar on their recent work and progress. Dr. Brett Kagan’s latest work on “training neural networks to play Pong using HD-MEAs”, published in Neuron (Kagan et al, Neuron, 2022), became viral last year, and we had the opportunity to learn more about this study,…

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AxonTracking Competition Winner

AxonTracking Competition Winner After a successful competition we are delighted to announce our AxonTracking Competition winner! Congratulations to our winner, Dr. Maria Sundberg from Sahin lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. Check out Maria’s entries below. How cool do they look! Dr. Maria Sundberg and Dr. Marie Obien (CCO) at our SfN Satellite Event, November 2022 Do you want to try our AxonTracking Assay? Contact us through or schedule a call below with one of our Application Scientists.  

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AxonTracking Assay Competition

Track your Axon to WIN! The Deadline for entries has been extended to Wednesday 12th October. Do you have a cool image of a tracked neuron using our AxonTracking Assay? Share your image and you could win a $2000 Travel Grant to SfN 2022 in San Diego this November! How to Participate: Send an email to with the subject: AxonTracking Assay Competition Attach the image or link and share a short description of the experiment (max. 100 words)  Good…

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MaxWell Biosystems Around the World

Travel Blog | Summer 2022 We caught up with some of our MaxWellers that have been busy representing MaxWell Biosystems around the world at lots of conferences such as ISSCR, FENS, CAN and lots more in between. After some rest we wanted to know all about their life while traveling and any hints and tips they might have to share.   Here is what they had to say!     That’s all for now! Let us know if you enjoyed…

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