MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads

MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads | World Alzheimer’s Day

On this World Alzheimer’s Day, we are raising awareness on the ongoing research that seeks to unravel the mysteries behind Alzheimer’s disease. Join us in celebrating the incredible advances in this research field and outstanding scientific tools supporting discoveries on risk factors and underlying mechanisms, as well as potential treatments for Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a decline in cognitive function and memory. Symptoms can include memory loss, confusion, language impairment, and changes in behavior…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads | World Organoid Research Day

  Today is World Organoid Research Day! Let’s celebrate the incredible advances being made in this fascinating and yet rapidly evolving field of research by raising awareness on the potential of organoids in advancing biomedical research, drug discovery, regenerative medicine, modeling complex diseases, personalized medicine, reducing animal testing, and advancing stem cell research. Grown from human stem cells, organoids are miniaturized three-dimensional structures that closely resemble the architecture and function of real human organs, providing a more complex and comprehensive…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads | iPSC as a tool for Disease Cell Modelling

Welcome to our first MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads blog of 2023! After 2022 – a year full of great scientific advances and discoveries – this month we would like to focus on induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) as a great tool for Disease Cell Modelling and for developing novel disease therapies. Development and advancement of patient derived iPSC technology has opened several avenues for scientists to generate relevant and reproducible human in vitro models. iPSC technology has also allowed researchers to…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (January 2022)

Welcome to our MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads blog for 2022. A new year also means new publications to highlight and new topics to discover. This year as well, for our monthly must-reads, we will choose a theme per month and select five papers that we think are worth reading. Last year we covered a range of topics and in our first edition of 2022, we have decided to focus on Retinal Organoids. Human brain organoids assemble functionally integrated bilateral optic vesicles.…

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MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads (March 2021)

  It is already time for the last MaxWell Monthly Must-Reads edition of the first quarter of 2021. Last month we focused on the topic of  Simulation of extracellular neuronal spiking activity. In this edition we will focus on 3D Neural-Interfaces, and as always we selected five papers that we think are worth reading. Enjoy! Three-dimensional, multifunctional neural interfaces for cortical spheroids and engineered assembloids. by Park, Y., Franz, C. K., Ryu, H., Luan, H., Cotton, K. Y., Kim, J. U.,…

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