Dr. Rouhollah Habibey 

MaxWell Webinar with Dr. Rouhollah Habibey 

Long-term morphological and functional dynamics of human stem cell-derived neuronal networks with Dr. Rouhollah Habibey 

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This webinar will cover:

Long term characterisation of 2D neuronal networks both on standard MEAs and also on HD-MEAs (High Density Microelectrode Arrays)

Holographic optogenetics with superior resolution for neural stimulation and detailed characterization of functional features of developing neurons

How electrophysiology tools allow for long term neural network morphology characterization by following large-scale changes in developing network structure



Dr. Rouhollah Habibey
Busskamp Lab,
University of Bonn, Germany

Dr. Marie Obien
MaxWell Biosystems


Long-term morphological and functional dynamics of human stem cell-derived neuronal networks


Long-term electrophysiological characterizations of developing human iPSC derived neuronal networks requires understanding network-wide morphological changes over time. Parallel microscopy and CMOS-recordings revealed large-scale structural changes from homogeneously distributed neurons to the formation of neuronal clusters. This leads to constant shift in the position of neuronal cells and corresponding changes in spatial distribution of the network activity maps over months.

Speaker Bio

Rouhollah Habibey is a Postdoc at the University of Bonn, Germany in Prof. Busskamp lab. Before, he was Postdoc at TU Dresden (Germany, 2021) in Prof. Busskamp lab. He obtained his degree in Physiology from Tehran University (Iran 2006), and completed his PhD in Neuroscience and Brain Technologies in Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genova (Italy 2015). His research is focused on bottom-up engineering of human derived neuronal circuits by combining MEAs, microfluidics and optogenetics.

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